Echo EPR Fly Rod

Echo EPR Fly Rod

A rod for big flies, big fish and big winds

Big game fisheries require a rod that can handle the big stuff.  Whether it’s casting chicken-sized muskie flies, fighting heavy winds, or dealing with the fury of a GT, the EPR has delivered.

Extra-fast action and massive power

With its super-fast tip, it will load for short distance shots.  When it’s distance or heavy lifting you need to do, its powerful bottom section will more than deliver the goods.

Our fastest, most powerful rod we have ever produced

Working with bass and muskie guru Pat Ehlers, we produced our fastest, most powerful rod we have ever produced.


  • Super-fast action for fighting the wind or large fish
  • Powerful construction designed for wrangling even the biggest species
  • Built for everything from smallmouth bass to giant trevally