December 16, 2022 2 min read

Ever wanted to learn how to tie your own flies? Join The River's Edge this winter for our Beginner Fly Tying Classes. Come learn the basic tools and techniques (plus a few basic patterns) from our experienced and knowledgeable staff.

No vise? No problem!

In these classes, no experience is required and all tools and materials will be provided. The River's Edge Fly Tying Classes are the best way to learn all the fly tying basics. 

Fly Tying Class Details

Dates, Times, and Locations:

Tuesday, Jan 17:River's Edge Main St, 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Tuesday, Jan 24: River's Edge West, 6:00 - 7:30pm

Cost: $25 per person
Class Size: Limit of 6 students, ages 16 and up, pre-registration required
Experience Level: Beginner (This class covers the absolute basics, so if you have tying experience, this one may not be for you.)

Call us today to book your spot in our Beginner Fly Tying Classes!

The River's Edge Main St: 406-586-5373
The River's Edge West: 406-284-2401

Not able to make either of these classes? Keep your eyes peeled for more class sessions in February, or call us to inquire about our Private Fly Tying Lessons.

Private Fly Tying Lessons

Looking for some assistance with other fly tying techniques? We can help! Give us a call to let us know what you might be interested in learning, and we can set up a private session specifically for you.

Aaron Freed, our store manager and lead fly tying instructor, is an Umpqua signature tier with years of experience. He will happily work with you to hone your techniques and hopefully teach you some new ones. 

Cost: $75 for 1 student; $100 for 2 students

Dates and times will be set up at the time of your booking; we will try to be as flexible as possible to fit it into your schedule. Contact Aaron Freed at The River's Edge Main St. (406) 586-5373 to schedule your lessons today!



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